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The eFrame.net Referral Program is an innovative new way to add value to your website and to earn money by referring distributors to the eFrame.net web site. As a eFrame.net Referral cuctomer, you will be linking to the Internet's leading retailer of custom picture frames, and you will reap the benefits of our superior commission rates.

Earn Superior Referral Fees
will pay you between a 15% referral fee based on every frame sale that is generated from your site. These referral fees are established while maintaining our utmost dedication, and superior customer satisfaction!

Superior Customer Relations

    Once we secure a customer from your site, we ensure that they will receive only the highest standards in customer care. They will be given specific information regarding picture frames from our online catalog, as we securely process their orders, and promptly ship their frames while using an advanced tracking system to locate their orders at all times. We pledge to courteously handle all customer service issues. Our extreme dedication to customer services not only extends to those placing orders on our site, but to you. We want to encourage visitors to come back and place their orders through your site.

Linking Methods

    The Referral Program pays you for linking to eFrame.net from your web site. Linking is quick and easy, using our proprietary coding system and  direct banner link to our home page. The banner remains on our servers tracking your visitors and your commissions. You will be paid for all frames that are sold from your site.

Add Value to Your Site

    Becoming a eFrame.net Referral agent provides you with several advantages. By adding a 24 hour online frame source to your site, you will be increasing the chance of repeat visits to your site. You will be able to increase your earning power while your site visitors get more because it is a one-stop shopping experience that will benefit both your visitors (time and interest) and you (through referral fees)! The best part of this program is that it's free to join, so there's nothing for you to lose and the possible gains are unlimited!

Reports and Payments

    Once you have become a registered Referral agent, every month, eFrame.net will provide you with site updates, which monitor the performance and prosperity of your Referral Link(s). These statistics will monitor the number of visitors from your site, as well as the accesses to eFrame.net and the sales generated from these links. You will also be shown the referral fees that you have earned. As soon as you have earned $50 or more in referral fees, we will begin your payment schedule - you will receive commission checks thirty days after the end of each month.

If you would like to sign up for the eFrame.net Referral Program,
please click on the below link:

Remember It is FREE to Join!

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