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Image: W10-700c
Product Details:     A20-1400
Cherry veneer.
Base Price:    $ 18.55  per ft.
Discounted Base Price:    $ 14.84  per ft.
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Product Spec Sheet:     A20-1400
Product Attributes (301)   
Wood Profile:   A20
    Height:    1/8
    Rabbet:    7/8
    Face:    1/4
Product Attributes (34)   
Finishes:   Veneer I
Real wood veneers, painted black on the side, may show seams (a feature, not a defect).
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Routed frames are unassembled but we provide all the required hardware to join them at home. The freight is much cheaper and joining is easy.

Joined frames are joined by us. They can be very expensive to ship when the length plus width is greater than 50 inches. The joined frame $7 charge is actually a $15 charge (for joining and custom boxing) but we reduce it by $6 for your freight allowance.

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